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Tresses by Timesha is a professional natural hair care salon in Raleigh, North Carolina. Taking care of everything from braids to twists, locs, and a variety of treatments to enhance the health and beauty of your naturally textured hair. The mission is to provide the latest styles and trends of the natural hair community, while providing healthy hair care, and promoting texture. Tresses by Timesha is free of harsh chemicals and dyes. This website is here to provide you with more details on our long list of exceptional haircare services. Through hard work and networking, I have built a dedicated clientele that I strive to satisfy every day. November of 2014, I was excited to move into my own salon, thanks to the help of my sisters at Knotti by Nature. since, I have downsized to a smaller, more intimate location and i’m loving the change. Book with me to start your journey to healthier hair today.



Meet Timesha Akoni


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(919) 221-1692

Owner/stylist/Natural hair care instructor

Timesha was inspired to start her business through her experience doing full salon services in Goldsboro, NC. As she learned the dangers of the harsh chemicals on hair, she felt strongly that the outcomes of these treatments were not up to par. With fifteen years in the hair industry, Timesha has perfected the art of natural hair care and she specializes in all things textured. She is grateful to pursue her passion every day and hopes to inspire others to do the same. “The feeling of love healing and community that I experienced every time i’d set foot i’m my cousin Little Baby”s salon, in Parkstown, N.C. is a big reason why i’m here. Doing what I love.” Sit in Timesha’s chair and let her creativity turn your tresses into a masterpiece!


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